Wool Bar & Wine Tasting

Wool Bar & Wine Tasting


Join the Three Rivers Fibershed and A Woolen Forest for a Wool Bar & Wine Tasting!

Our Wool Bar will feature raw wool and yarn samples from the various sheep breeds grown by our local producers as well as samples from rare and heritage breed sheep. Learn about and experience the unique qualities, strengths, and characteristics of each different breed. You will see how each sheep breed differs in staple length, crimp, and texture. To further awaken your senses we will provide relevant wine pairings with a selection of the breeds featured.

 While we sip, we will also discuss the environmental impact and importance of preserving these breeds, of supporting breed specific yarn, and supporting your local fibershed.

The cost of the event is $30/person.

Date: Sunday June 2nd, 5pm-7pm

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