A Love of Wool

Hello there, my name is Alejandra, the creator behind A Woolen Forest. My path is dedicated to the lore and practice of working with wool, plants, and animals in a harmonious and compassionate manner. I am an advocate for the slow fashion movement, the use of natural fibers and botanical dyes, the conservation of heritage breeds, and the raising of fiber animals utilizing humane and compassionate practices. I am a member of the Livestock Conservancy and the Minnesota Weaver’s Guild. I deeply believe in and am committed to the preservation of all fiber and textile arts.  I am currently working towards saving to buy property and to establish a wool & fiber farm. The farm will focus on education and conservation. To learn more about my conservation efforts and my plans for the farm, click here.

I participate in volunteer work within my community and my local fibershed providing free education and paid classes on wool, spinning, natural dyes, gardening, and caring for Angora rabbits. I currently volunteer as the Community Experience Director for the Three Rivers Fibershed.

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Growing A Natural Dye Garden


Working with Wool

Why I love wool: Besides all the practical elements of wool to love (sustainability, it is renewable, its durability, its amazing quality to repel dirt and water, warmth), I love wool because it connects and grounds me (and our community) to an ancient practice, to history, to the beautiful and varied animals that provide it, to our earth, and ultimately to each other. Wool and all the fiber and textile arts are a healing, mindful, and meditative practice. Practicing these ancient crafts gently stills my mind, heart, and soul. It keeps me both grounded and ever-dreaming.


Exploring Natural Dyes